Kaffee Eis represents a modern fusion of New Zealand and European flavour specialising in gourmet gelato, sorbetto and boutique coffee.

Our philosophy is simple:  produce the highest quality product and deliver it with exceptional service to our customers.

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Our Story

Our Oriental Bay store opened for the first time in December 2004. The initial plan had been for a coffee shop that “sold a little bit of ice cream” because of its beachside location. This changed when, while holidaying in Noosa, we were reminded how much we enjoyed gelato and lamented the fact that no one was doing it well in Wellington. From there Italian contacts were made, machinery sourced and Kaffee Eis was born.

The name was chosen to reflect Karl’s Austrian heritage – Kaffee Eis (pronounced - café ice), which means coffee and ice cream in German. Kaffee Eis quickly grew a reputation for both high quality gelato (which was all initially manufactured on site) and great coffee. This was greatly enhanced by some very loyal locals, many of whom we still see on a regular basis, and the positive word of mouth advertising they perpetuated.

It wasn’t long before “the little ice cream shop in Oriental Bay” couldn’t manufacture enough gelato to cover demand, so a production kitchen was set up. This was followed soon after by a second store on the lagoon in Frank Kitts Park (Jan 2005), and two years later a third in Courtenay Place (March 2007) and we now have our latest store in Cuba Street (November 2013).

Whilst Kaffee Eis, along with its manufacturing and distribution arm Gellicious Gelato, is now one of the biggest manufacturers of gelato in New Zealand, we remain 100% locally owned and operated.

Kaffee Eis
Gives Back

We are hugely appreciative of the support we've been given by our loyal customers over the years.

To show our appreciation, from 1 November 2016 we are donating 10c from every drink sold to a charity that benefits our community. The charity changes each month, check out our charity page for more information.

This month’s charity is:  Wellington Hospitals Foundation


"Wellington Hospitals Foundation is the official fundraiser for Wellington Regional Hospital, Kenepuru Hospital, Wellington Regional Children's Hospital and Kapiti Health Centre. The Foundation raises funds for projects to improve the comfort and welfare of patients and their families.  

The Foundation is currently raising money for Wellington Regional Children’s Hospital to fund a new specialised Transport Incubator for Premature born babies (some as young as 23 weeks). Each year over 900 premature babies from across the greater Wellington Region are treated at Wellington Regional Children’s Hospital Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit."