Our Gelato

We make our gelato under the brand Gellicious Gelato (which also wholesales to cafes and restaurants throughout the country.

We use authentic recipes, enhanced by quality fruit and milk. With more than 45 flavours, each of our stores has an ever-changing selection of flavours to tempt your taste buds.

Our fruit gelato (with the exception of banana) is all sorbetto – water-based (not milk-based) – dairy free, vegan, gluten free and contain up to 38% real fruit – hence are 99% fat free.  Our milk based gelato is just that – milk based, in contrast to ice cream which is cream based.  This means that Kaffee Eis gelato is lower in fat than traditional ice cream and has a fuller more satisfying flavour.







We've entered into the NZ Ice Cream Association Manufacturers awards each yeah since 2011 and are really proud of our achievements. Check out our awards below.