This is where
Kaffee Eis gives back

To show our appreciation to our customers and community we donate 10c per drink (hot or cold) to a local charity that benefits our community.

 The charity changes each month… check out below for this month’s charity, previous months and how much we’ve donated. 

To date, we've given back over $72,000!

This month’s charity is:  Good Bitches Baking Wellington


“We're on a mission to make Aotearoa the kindest place on earth.
Good Bitches Baking is a network of people who want to show kindness to those in their communities who are having a tough time. We do this by baking them a delicious treat.
There are too many people out there having a tough time: families with children in hospital; those using food banks and soup kitchens; residents in hospice and their loved ones; women and children fleeing domestic violence. We hope to give them just a moment of sweetness in their time of crisis.
People tell us that knowing someone cared enough to make them a treat helped them through the toughest of days. We know that kindness matters.”

2019 Charities

Wellington Women’s Refuge (donated $2,080)
Wellington City Mission (donated $1,982)
Evolve Youth Service Wellington (donated $2,337)
Wellington Night Shelter (donated $2,011)
Wellington Free Ambulance (donated $1,933)
Ronald McDonald House Wellington (donated $1,869)
Inspiring Stories (donated $1,775)
LandSAR Wellington (donated $1,906)

2018 Charities

Multiple Sclerosis Wellington (donated $2,129)
Kaibosh Food Rescue (donated $2,125)
Stroke Foundation (donated $2,429)
Evolve Youth Service (donated $2,254)
Samaritans Wellington (donated $2,002)
Mothers Network Wellington (donated $2,007)
Wellington Night Shelter (donated $2,072)
Wellington Rape Crisis (donated $1,808)
Emerge Supported Employment Trust (donated $1,768)
Parent Help (donated $2,006)
Arthritis New Zealand (donated $1,934)
Little Sprouts (donated $2,149)